[Jesus] stood up to read the Scriptures...
“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me...
He was sent me to proclaim that captives will be released...
the oppressed will be set free."

Luke 4:16, 18

It’s been another full quarter for Novō!

We’re so thankful to each of you for standing with us as we seek to bring new life to individuals, peace to families, and hope to communities gripped by addiction.

Novō’s finances are extremely tight at this time. As you read our news, please join us in praying for provision. If you’re able to make a donation at this time, please click on the donate buttons.

So, what’s been happening?

The Headlines

At the time of writing, Santa Cruz is on day 19 of a civic strike, called in protest against delays to a national census that has significant implications for the democratic health of the country.Most roads are blocked, making travel in the city exceedingly difficult, businesses are closed, and supplies of food and fuel are disrupted.

Rehab is challenging at the best of times, but with staff struggling to get to work and the residents unable to leave the Quinta, it’s harder still! We can be flexible (e.g. doing counselling online), but the situation is far from ideal. Please pray for a swift, peaceful, positive way forward for the country and for peace to reign over the residents, the live-in volunteers (including David, who you’ll meet below), and the rest of the team.

The Partington family is now settled in Managua, Nicaragua. (If you missed it, you can read the background to the move here: https://novocommunities.org/2022/03/news-march-2022/). Over the coming months, they’ll be learning and relationship-building as we seek God’s leading for the specific next steps for Novō. Please pray for faith, wisdom, and guidance for Andy, Mickey, and the Trustees as we step out in Nicaragua. 

During October, Andy was able to visit Bolivia, spending time at Quinta Totaices, training and connecting with the team, as well helping to lead a Novō Adventures tour. He was encouraged to see the consistent quality of the work being done by David and the team, as well as an excellent atmosphere among the guys on the programme.

On Saturday 8th October, we enjoyed celebrating all that God has been doing, including the graduations of Yoy and Pepe. It was wonderful to see the support of their family and friends, to welcome visitors from South Africa and England, as well as from Santa Cruz, and to be joined by four graduates who encouraged us with their example of ongoing recovery. Please pray for protection and life abundant for Yoy, Pepe, and each of our graduates! 

Visitors' View

We always enjoy receiving visitors to Novō, whether it’s the residents’ family members, the pastors and members of local churches, or friends and supporters of the ministry.

In recent weeks, we were visited by a number of friends from South Africa, the UK, the US, and Nicaragua. We asked some of them to reflect on their experience.

Pete Moon

Pete and Alex Moon, along with their business, Moonster Products, support Novō on a monthly basis as Padrinos. Pete writes:

“It was great to be able to visit the Quinta in person in Santa Cruz! From putting names to faces with the Novō team, getting a tour around the residence, and especially being able to attend one of the graduation nights to hear from the guys on the programme, the visit really helped to cement the reason why we give personally and as a business!

“It was great to be able to meet David Salazar, to hear from him on his home turf, to see what God is doing through Novō. Being able to support Novo through the Novo Adventures motorbike tour was also fantastic! It was great to experience Bolivia, through cities, villages, wilderness, mountains and salt flats! Getting stuck into some of the culture of food, wine, language and people was all part of the experience, even if at moments for a novice biker like me it was occasionally terrifying!! I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to go out and visit, even if motorbikes aren’t your thing!!

Nanine Steenkamp

Nanine Steenkamp from RealDeal Trust travelled all the way from South Africa to spend time with us, learning about Novo’s approach to recovery ministry. Nanine writes:

“Spending time with the Novō Family has been both grounding and elevating. Upon entering the premises, there is an inescapable sense of invitation to come as you are. The community atmosphere, steeped in serenity, is so tangible. The united desire to provide every opportunity for restoration to the broken is carried graciously by every staff member.

“As a fellow citizen of a developing nation, this model of recovery has not only given me hope for holistic transformation, but stirred my faith to trust for more. I am immensely excited to see where the road leads towards spreading a movement of hope, trust and possibility beyond pain. Equipped with empowering guides, (in)valuable experience and unwavering commitment and dependence on the Creator of all, one can’t help to feel a humbling excitement at just how possible the seemingly insurmountable becomes when people are willing to sacrifice so a few more can be saved.

Jon Dale

Jon Dale and a team from Wild At Heart joined us for a Novō Adventures tour, which they’ll be featuring in an upcoming issue of AndSons Magazine. Jon writes:

“The team and I had an amazing time with Novō Adventures touring Bolivia on motorcycles. Without a doubt this was a once in a lifetime type of adventure. The best part was visiting Novō Communities and seeing first hand the lives impacted by this amazing mission. Thanks to Lewis, Mark, Andy and the entire Novō team.

The truth is, I was afraid.

Novō’s volunteers, who live on-site at Quinta Totaices, and serve with us for 15 hours/week, in return for room and board, are a hugely important part of our work. Our newest volunteer, David, shares how he came to join Team Novō. 

My name is David Ancalle Sejas. I was born in the city of Santa Cruz. I am 22 years old and I’m studying accounting. I was born in a Christian family, my father is an evangelical pastor. Most of my life I lived in the city of Yacuiba, on the border with Argentina.

I got to know about Novō thanks to Kevin Zenteno, the chef at Novō. We have been friends since I was 10 years old. The first time I visited the center, in 2018 or 2019, I was anxious about meeting people who were addicted. Although they wanted to chat and hang out, I didn’t get too close to them.

In 2021, Kevin asked, “would you like to volunteer here?” I replied, “I don’t know; I’ll think about it.” The idea had never crossed my mind and, the truth is, I was afraid. I talked about it with my parents. My mother disagreed. She felt that it would be dangerous. On the other hand, my father told me that if it was something I wanted to do, he wasn’t going to oppose it.

Almost a year passed, and I understood that as Jesus gave his life for me as the Good Shepherd who gave his life for his sheep, I have been called in the same way. As a Christian, I have to do the same. I cannot change the lives of the residents, but I can help to know and get closer to God. It’s now been 6 months since I started volunteering at Novō and I can say it’s been a great experience! I’m happy to be of help to the residents! “Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, while you can.” (John Wesley)

Thank You!

As always, we’re thankful to you for reading our news, keeping in touch, praying, and supporting Novō Communities.

As mentioned earlier, at this time we’re earnestly seeking God for His provision. Please pray with us! If you’re able to make a donation, all the details are below. 


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