Hear from our residents

Every single one of the individuals who we encounter at Novō Communities has their own unique story to tell. Some of our previous and current residents have kindly shared their stories of challenges, experiences and successes with us. Hear from those who know what it’s like to battle with, and overcome, the grasp of addiction.

Stories of impact

Meet Pepe

For 15 years, Pepe was lost in alcoholism. He lived in Argentina, but this alcohol addiction led me to lose everything, before then finding Novō Communities in Bolivia.

Meet Beningo

Since Benigno was 7 years old, he has lived on the streets of Santa Cruz. When he was 11 years old, he went to a dining room for street kids where some of the kids introduced him to clefa (glue). He became addicted.

Meet Ronald

Ronald arrived at our home in Santa Cruz after a long battling with drug and alcohol addiction. He found a family at Quinta Totaices and attributes his successful rehabilitation to the structure he experienced and the care he received.

Meet Miguel

Before entering Novō, Miguel’s life was sad. He knew things were wrong but, blinded by alcohol and drugs, he couldn’t see how bad it really was.