Connect your church with Novō Communities

Invite a guest speaker to join your church and share the vision and heart of Novō. Or why not ask your church to financially support Novō – we’re always looking for new church families to connect with us and to pray for us. We can supply you with resources, ideas and prayers to connect your church with Novō or come and visit ourselves!

Join us as a volunteer

Novō is always on the look out for volunteers looking to make an impact on the lives of our residents. There is potential to get involved in Novō Communities, Novō Adventures, or both.

We do ask that all volunteers have a basic level of Spanish-speaking ability.

Ask about volunteering

Plan a mission trip

Come and see Novō’s work firsthand. We can host individuals and teams on short-term visits – from a single day to a couple of weeks – where you’ll get to know the team, connect with our residents, and make a practical contribution to our community. Get in touch if you’re interested in exploring this more.

Get in touch

Other ways to get involved

Support Novō with Prayer

At the centre of Novō Communities is Christ. Prayer is vital to everything we do.

You can sign up to receive monthly prayer updates so you can pray with us. Or, choose to pray now, and use the prayer section of our website to help guide your prayers for Novō Communities.

Become A Padrino

Novō’s funding comes from both regular giving and one-off donations. Both are vital to our work. Supporters who give regularly are affectionately known as Padrinos. They are our Godparents – caring for our community.