Vision & Values

Novō’s vision is to bring new life to individuals, peace to families, and hope to communities gripped by addiction. How do we do that? By empowering local teams in developing nations to create transformational communities that offer healing, wholeness, and hope.

Five core values shape everything we do: integrity, empowerment, respect, excellence, and community.

Our Approach

Established in 2015, Novō builds on the work of Yeldall Manoran established UK charity providing residential addiction treatment that fits the cultural, economic, and social realities of its residents.

Novō Communities centre on Christ, focus on the whole person, express grace and truth, promote freedom and responsibility, and partner widely with local organisations.

We view addiction as a whole-person problem (bio-psycho-social-spiritual) requiring a whole-person solution.

On our 24-week Therapeutic programme, residents address the past and prepare for the future, staying mainly within the security of the Novō community.

On our 12-week Transition programme, residents focus on ‘putting into practice’ learning and growth from the recovery programme and establishing healthy relationships in the wider community.

Both programmes involve: 1-1 counselling, recovery groups, opportunities to explore and grow in the Christian faith, vocational work and training, and the broader benefits of living in community. During their time with Novō, residents share their autobiographies, relapse prevention plans, and other individual projects, and explore a whole range of subjects, such as identity, communication, ‘triggers’ to relapse, and prayer.

We believe that long-term recovery is achievable, whatever a person’s story or circumstance, and that the best foundation for true freedom from addiction is a living relationship with God through Jesus Christ. However, we will never impose our viewpoint upon anyone, recognising freedom of choice in faith, as in other areas. We welcome and value applications from men from all walks of life, background, ethnicity, culture, and faith.

Five core values shape everything we do: integrity, empowerment, respect, excellence, and community.

Novō Communities

Is Novō needed?

Addiction is a global epidemic. The need for residential communities where healing and restoration can take place is increasing year by year. The developing world is experiencing rapid social change (population growth, urbanization, migration, family breakdown) and, with it, a growth in social problems such as sexual abuse, prostitution, and child neglect. These problems leave individuals with huge deficits in terms of their sense of security, significance, and self-worth – issues to which the abuse of substances provides a temporary but ultimately enslaving solution.

Beyond Bolivia

Novō is at an exciting turning point. With Novō’s work in Bolivia now well established, we are actively seeking to empower local teams elsewhere in the developing world to develop effective and sustainable recovery communities.

Rather than start new projects  under the ‘ownership’ of Novō, we want to come alongside those called to launch a recovery community using a community franchise model. Novō will offer partners mentoring, training, the full Novō programme, quality control, prayer, financial grants, and a broader sense of fellowship.

In the coming years, Novō’s community in Bolivia will operate as both a rehabilitation centre and a context for equipping recovery workers from elsewhere in the world.

Our long-term goal is to create a community of communities across the developing world whose heart and approach are a model of compassionate addiction care.

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