“So he returned home to his father. And while he was still a long way off, his father saw him coming. Filled with love and compassion, he ran to his son, embraced him, and kissed him."

Luke 15:20

Dear friends,

As summer turns to autumn and an exciting new season begins for Novo, I’m writing with a special purpose. I want to invite you to become a Novō Padrino. 

Before I explain, let me share Benigno’s story with you. Benigno grew up on the hard streets of Santa Cruz. In 2018, he arrived at the doors of Quinta Totaices alone, addicted, and ailing. Benigno is a guy you’d likely bet against, but God had different ideas! 

Life is Beautiful

Living Hope

Novō exists to bring new life to individuals, peace to families, and hope to communities gripped by addiction. Where does that life, peace, and hope come from? The Gospel.

To the person enslaved by elements of their own self, to desires and habits that have taken on a life of their own, the Gospel is the good news that the living God can transform them from the inside out.

To the person who feels ashamed, empty, and alone, it’s the good news that the living God can free them with his pardon, soothe them with His peace, and animate them with His joy.

To the person who feels impotent and powerless, it’s the good news that the living God wants to fill them with His Spirit, to fortify them with His strength.

To the person who feels isolated – maybe even utterly abandoned – it’s the good news that there is a people among whom His presence rests.

Beyond Bolivia

By God’s grace, Bolivia will be just the start.

Over the coming years, we want to be able to respond to requests for help from elsewhere in the developing world, starting with Nicaragua. (Indeed, in the coming weeks, a South African researcher will visit Quinta Totaices to learn more about our compassionate approach to addiction treatment.)

In all that we do, we want to be empowering, providing resources of all kinds to enable those with a heart for the addicted to create effective and sustainable transformational communities where guys like Benigno can experience the Father’s restorative embrace.

What is a Novō Padrino?

Padrinos is the name we are now giving to all regular supporters of Novō. If you already support Novō monthly, thank you for being a Novō Padrino! 

In Latino culture, padrinos (godparents) are much more than honorific titles. Padrinos are involved in the lives of their godchildren in meaningful ways. They are present for their baptism and other milestones, encourage them spiritually, support them practically, and stand with them in difficult times.

As a Novō Padrino, by making a monthly donation to the charity, you’ll stand alongside our residents by providing them with food, shelter, security, and loving community. Additionally, by giving regularly, Novō Padrinos create the financial base essential for expanding our work.

The Next Step

To become a Padrino, click on the Donate button on our website. There you’ll find links to portals where you can quickly set up a monthly gift in the UK, Canada, and the US online. You will also find bank details for donations in Bolivia.

Your donation can be of any amount and it doesn’t need to be big! A monthly gift of £10 / $15 CAD / $12 USD / 80 Bolivianos from each person who receives these updates would radically transform Novō’s finances.

One-Off Donations

Novo’s funding comes from a blend of regular monthly and one-off donations. Both are vital to our work. If you prefer to give on a one-off basis, please continue to do so, knowing that your support is critically important. Indeed, right now, with our general fund running low, we’re praying hard for one-off gifts!

Thank You!

Whether you’re able to support Novō at this time or not, thank you for standing with us. We’re so blessed to be surrounded by incredible people who shared God’s heart for the individuals, families, and communities devastated by addiction.

All the best,



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