Addiction is a worldwide & at-home epidemic

London’s suburbs. Latin America’s megacities. West Africa’s villages. China’s skyscrapers. North America’s homes. Addiction is a worldwide epidemic. 

A powerful look at the gospel for the addicted, Hope in Addiction helps us think through what it means to be the Church in the light of this growing – and heartbreaking – epidemic. 

How did we get here? Why is addiction so powerful? How can we find lasting freedom from addiction? Hope in Addiction explores these questions with clarity and compassion. 

Hope in Addiction isn’t just about drug and alcohol addictions. It’s about gambling addictions, porn dependencies, workaholism, and internet addictions. This a book about how slaves to addiction can experience freedom as children of the Living God and family in the community of God. Wherever they are. Whatever has enslaved them.

Andy Partington brings together personal stories, addiction theory, theology, and front-line ministry experience. This book is for church leaders, influencers, educators, and counsellors. It’s a book for the friends and family of those gripped by addiction. This book is for all of us.

There is hope in addiction. Hope for freedom. Hope for wholeness. Hope for now. Hope for eternity. 

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Gambling addiction is a huge driver of poverty, suicide, and relationship breakdown. Addictions of all kinds shatter dreams, fracture families, and destroy lives. Hope in Addiction brings clarity and compassion to a tough, complex subject. It sheds light on dark places. Best of all, it points us to hope – living hope! – for an addicted world.

Dr John Kirkby, CBE Founder, Christians Against Poverty (CAP)

Meet the Author

Andy Partington leads the work of Novō Communities and Novō Adventures

Andy has served as Director of Training at London School of Theology, in local church leadership in the UK and Bolivia, and as CEO of Yeldall Manor, an addiction treatment centre in the southeast of England. 

Andy is the author of Hope In Addiction: Understanding and Helping Those Caught in It’s Grip and Church and State. Andy is married to Michaela and the proud father of Daniel, Jemimah, Phoebe, JJ, and Miah.

I love this book because it marries the logic of the social sciences and the devotion of Christian spirituality into a compassionate intellectuality that is powerful enough to confront our terrifying addiction problems. I think that both Christians and non-believers, like myself, will take it to heart.

Bruce K. Alexander, PhD Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Simon Fraser University, and author of The Globalization of Addiction