"But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength.
They will soar high on wings like eagles."

Isaiah 40:31

"I Feel Renewed" - Miguel's Story

I was blinded by alcohol and drugs.

It began with marijuana, which I used to work better and concentrate on what I was doing. Well, that was what I thought it was doing… Little by little, I began to get into alcohol with friends from the neighbourhood. Several years went by until I got to know the most addictive drug, pasta base [an intermediary substance from the cocaine production process]. From there, I started consuming it more and more because I liked how it felt. It left me with an adrenaline rush and a unique sense of satisfaction.

Little by little, I got more involved in the world of drugs and alcohol. I began to steal to satisfy my need and forgot about my relationships, especially my girlfriend. Back then, I cared little about my family and circle of friends.

I was involved in that world for about eight years. These past three years were the worst. I slept on the street, in parks, and at friends’ houses. I was hungry and cold, and I realized that I was wasting my life.

Today, I feel renewed. I see the beauty in life, being healthy and learning every day. I’m living one day at a time. I’m in a way better place than before!

The Novō team has taught me to control my desires and impulsiveness, overcome my fears, manage my anxiety, and walk more closely with God. As a result, I have begun to recover my loved ones. I feel proud to have completed the programme.

Looking to the future, I have a long list of hopes! I want to be a valuable person to society, have emotional stability, develop healthy friendships, have a good job, and start a family. I want to walk in communion with God. I plan to attend the Novō aftercare meetings and work on my relationship with my family. My greatest desire is to remain firm in my recovery.

Quinta Totaices - Finding Freedom Together

It’s been another season of change, challenge, and celebration at Quinta Totaices!

Since we last wrote a newsy update, we’ve emerged from a brutal 60-day civic strike, celebrated Christmas and Semana Santa (Holy Week), and gathered to graduate five residents and celebrate all that God is doing among us. We’ve hosted various visitors, competed in a football tournament, shared about Novō on the radio, welcomed ministry teams, and engaged in a deep-dive evaluation of our work during Andy’s visit in March.

Of course, most days are all about sticking to the Novō routine, engaging in the blend of life-giving activities that constitute life in a recovery community, such as recovery groups, 1-1 counselling, meal prep and washing-up, grocery shopping, team meetings, accounting, aftercare groups, church visits, and times in prayer and worship.

A particular highlight of recent months was the visit of Rommel Raudales (picture sharing with the residents and meeting with the team) from Fundación Quien Soy Yo in Nicaragua. For many years, Rommel has felt called by God to establish a holistic, Christ-centred rehabilitation centre in Nicaragua. We look forward to sharing more about Rommel’s story and Fundación Quien Soy Yo’s work among the homeless and incarcerated.


In Latino culture, Padrinos (or Godparents) are much more than honorific titles. Padrinos are involved in the lives of their godchildren in meaningful ways. By supporting Novō financially, you become a Novō Padrino, providing our residents with the precious opportunity to find freedom from addiction and new life in Christ.

Novo’s funding comes from a blend of regular giving and occasional donations. Both are vital to our work!

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As we reflect on all that goes into operating a 24/7, 365-day-a-year transformational community, we’re so thankful to our team of staff and volunteers, who faithfully serve day by day, so guys like Miguel can discover true healing, genuine, and living hope.

And we’re deeply grateful to you, our supporters! None of this would be possible without your prayer support and financial generosity. Thank you.


Team Novō


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