Prayer is vital to achieving our vision of bringing freedom to individuals, peace to families, and hope to communities gripped by addiction. Today, we’re more convinced of that than we’ve ever been!

Over the coming weeks, would you commit to praying into the five areas below? We’re excited to see what God will do, having seen him move so often in the past, and so ask you to pray with thanksgiving, confidence, and urgency!


Despite various setbacks, not least the international travel shut down due to the COVID pandemic, we’re still determined to see Novō Adventures become an important income stream for Novō.

Please pray for “Ride for Recovery,” a new initiative designed to encourage riders with a heart for those gripped by addiction to combine a Bolivia tour with some time as part of the community, volunteering at the Quinta. To this end, we’re in the process of writing to 1200+ Christian motorcycle associations in the UK, Canada, and the USA and will soon be seeking to reach out to churches.

Please pray that in 2024 Novō Adventures will be able to make a significant contribution to the running costs of Quinta Totaices and that it will continue to be a great vehicle for building relationships for Novo Communities.


For the men who come to Novō’s door in search of freedom, finishing the Novō programme is no mean feat. The programme is long and challenging. It needs to be! Completing it takes humility, patience, strength, courage, and much more besides.

We give thanks that 65% of our 45 graduates are in recovery, living free from their addictions. This isn’t just good news for them. It’s a blessing to their wives, children, parents, and the wider community. Just as importantly, through their time with Novo, many more men have encountered the Gospel, expressed in word and deed, through our team of staff and volunteers.

Please pray for those in early recovery, that they will stay focused on the task, making wise choices and building positive relationships, and for those who are now years clean and sober, that they will stay vigilant and enter the fullness of life God has for them.


Regular giving covers around a third of Novō’s current operating budget. Please pray with us for the additional £5,650/month needed to sustain the life-changing work at Quinta Totaices. 

We have recently submitted 100 applications to US foundations. Please pray that significant new sources of funding will open up, that will support the work in Bolivia and beyond. 

We would dearly love to own Quinta Totaices, Novō’s home in Bolivia. This would give long-term security to the work and reduce our monthly outgoings. This is a huge prayer, but we know that God is able. Please pray that we will soon have the means to buy Quinta Totaices or that we’ll see the provision of an alternative long-term home for the work.


Please pray for the Novo Communities team in Bolivia: David, Chavela, Oscar, Lincoln, Bruno, Giovanny, Kevin, David & Rodrigo. These guys are hands and feet of the work, faithfully working to create a place of belonging, healing, restoration, and support for our residents!

Please pray for their protection, for the provision of their needs, and that they would serve out of the overflow of all that God is doing in their own lives. 


We believe God has asked us to make ourselves available to come alongside those called to create transformative communities with our proven recovery program as well as mentoring, training, project evaluations, prayer support, and fellowship.

Our hope is to create a community of communities whose heart, approach, and professionalism are a model of compassionate addiction care. Please pray that God would lead us forward into precisely the relationships and ministry He has for us in the years ahead.

Later in August, Andy and Bruno will be travelling to Salinas, Ecuador, to develop our relationship with Víctor & Irlanda, a couple who have been running a rehab for 4 years but are asking for help to develop a more structured and effective programme. Please pray for discernment, wisdom, and clear communication.

Internationally, we are also seeking to expand our network of friendship and support. In that context, we hope that Andy’s book, Hope in Addiction, will prove to be a vital resource for the Church and a means of raising Novō’s profile. Please pray for many new connections with those who will champion and support our work.

Thank you for standing with us! As you pray, know how grateful we are for your support.


Team Novō



Novo’s funding comes from a blend of regular monthly and one-off donations. Both are vital to our work!

To make a one-off donation, click on donate button, which will take you to our website where you’ll find links to portals where you can quickly set up donations from the UK, Canada, and the US. You will also find bank details for donations in Bolivia.



Padrinos is the name we give to all regular supporters of Novō! In Latino culture, Padrinos (or Godparents) are much more than honorific titles! Padrinos are involved in the lives of their godchildren in meaningful ways. As a Novō Padrino, by making a monthly donation to the charity, you’ll stand alongside our residents by providing them with food, shelter, security, and loving community.

To become a Padrino, click on the donate button, which will take you to our website where you’ll find links to portals where you can quickly set up a recurring monthly donation from the UK, Canada, and the US.

Your donation can be of any amount! A monthly gift of £10 / $15 CAD / $12 USD from each person who receives these updates would radically transform Novō’s finances.


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