Transformative Community

Novō’s first residential community opened in November 2016 in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Bolivia is an incredible country, a place of breathtaking scenery, engaging people, and amazing natural and human diversity. It is also one of the poorest countries in Latin America and one of the most unequal countries in the world. Bolivia is also amongst the world’s largest growers of the coca leaf – the raw ingredient of cocaine and crack – and a centre for its production.

Quinta Totaices is our home in Santa Cruz. A sizeable colonial-style property on the edge of the city, the Quinta is an ideal location for delivering our two treatment programmes. We have space for up to 22 men in recovery.

On our 24-week Therapeutic programme, residents address the past and prepare for the future, staying mainly within the security of the Novō community of staff and residents. Our 12-week Transition programme focuses on ‘putting into practice’ learning and growth from the recovery programme and establishing relationships in the community.

Both programmes involve 1-1 counselling, recovery groups, opportunities to explore and grow in the Christian faith, vocational work and training, and the broader benefits of living in community. In recovery groups, residents share their autobiographies, relapse prevention plans, and other individual projects, and explore a whole range of subjects, such as identity, communication, ‘triggers’ to relapse, and prayer.

Novō Services

Novō Services is a property and garden maintenance business. The company’s primary focus is providing a context for work training, skills formation, and the development of communication skills, character, self-esteem, and positive habits. We offer our workforce free of charge to other charities and social organizations, giving our residents that opportunity to serve the wider community.

Novō Adventures

Novō Adventures is a motorcycle tour company catering primarily to international customers. Both these independent social enterprises donate 100% of their profits to Novō Communities and are registered as limited companies in Bolivia.