In Latino culture, padrinos - or Godparents - are much more than honorific titles. Padrinos are involved in their Godchildrens’ lives in important ways, from gift giving to financially and spiritually supporting them, being present for their baptism and other milestones, encouraging them spiritually, and helping them through difficult times.

At Novō, our residents have rarely experienced such support, spiritually or financially, through their entire lives. When they arrive at our doors they often have little more than the clothes on their backs. With this project we at Novō ask you to prayerfully take on the role of a Padrino for these men, to help provide them with food, shelter, security, and spiritual healing. As a Novō Padrino, you would commit to providing all or part of a placement for a resident. By committing to provide for placements on the Novō program, you ensure there is always a place for hurting and broken people to find new life in Christ.


  Novō Padrinos:

- Enable someone struggling with long-term addiction to get professional help in the context of a loving Christian community.

- Receive regular prayer updates focused specifically on the needs of our individual residents.

- Sponsor a placement on the program rather than a specific resident, making it available to anyone in need, whenever they need it.

- Cover up to 90% of the cost of a resident's place on the program. The remaining 10% is paid by the resident themselves as they generate income by serving with our property maintenance business.


Novō Padrinos support the ongoing ministry at the Quinta Totaices, our residential rehabilitation centre in Bolivia, by helping esure the availablity of a place in our program through a monthly recurring donation. This donation provides access to professional quality care, work experience, living spaces, food, and spiritual healing for the men who desperately need it.

To become a Padrino and to help us continue this valuable work in South America, please consider signing up for a monthly financial pledge. This pledge can be any amount to which you feel led, or use these practical amounts as a starting point:


This level of sponsorship covers medical and dental care for our residents, many of whom arrive with untreated and long-term health issues.

UK - £20 / month

US - $30 / month

CA - $40 / month


This level of sponsorship accounts for one-on-one counselling, recovery & discipleship groups, and drug & alcohol testing.

UK - £50 / month

US - $65 / month

CA - $85 / month


This level of sponsorship accounts for food, medical care, transport, utilities, and the rental of our property.

UK - £100 / month

US - $130 / month

CA - $170 / month


This level of sponsorship covers everything in the Medical, Therapeutic, and Practical levels.

UK - £170 / month

US - $225 / month

CA - $295 / month


This level of sponsorship covers the entire cost of a placement on our program, including everything in the Recovery level as well as all administrative expenses.

UK - £250 / month

US - $325 / month

CA - $425 / month