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Before entering Novō, my life was sad. I knew things were wrong but, blinded by alcohol and drugs, I couldn’t see how bad it was.

It began with marijuana, which I thought was helping me work better and concentrate harder. Little by little, I began to get into alcohol with friends from the neighbourhood. That’s also where I got to know cocaine and the more addictive drug: cocaine paste.

I started consuming more and more because I liked how I felt. It gave me an adrenaline rush and a unique sense of satisfaction.

I got more involved in the world of drugs and alcohol. I started to steal to be able to satisfy my need and forgot about my relationships, especially with my girlfriend. Back then, I cared little about my family and circle of friends. I couldn’t see that my addiction was causing damage to others.

I was involved in that world for about eight years. The last three years were the worst. I slept on the street, in parks, and at friends’ houses. I was hungry and cold.

After seeing myself like this I realised I was wasting my life.

I decided to enter a rehabilitation centre to seek help and rediscover myself with God. I knew there was a way out, but the addiction dominated and controlled me.

Today I feel renewed. I see the beauty in life, being healthy and learning every day. I’m living one day at a time.

I am grateful to God in the first place for what he has already given me – and what I know he will give me later – with my family, my mother, grandparents, and brothers.

The Novō team has taught me to control my desires and impulses; to overcome my fears, manage my anxiety, and walk more closely with God. They have shown me the importance of being healthy. As a result, I have begun to recover my loved ones.

I’m grateful to the Novō centre for accepting and helping me. I feel proud to have completed the programme.

Looking to the future, I have a long list of hopes! I want to be a valuable person to society, have emotional stability, develop healthy friendships, have a good job, and start a family. I also want to walk in communion with God.

My greatest desire is to remain firm in my recovery.

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