Novō News Update – October 2017


We’re in an exciting time of transition with Novō at Quinta Totaices. There is a real sense of excitement/anticipation as we move out of the launch phase of the project and into a period of consolidation and development. Life at the Quinta feels increasingly established: the staff are growing in experience, the work element of the project is developing, and a good group of residents are at various stages of their programme.

We are pleased to be able to announce that we have welcomed a new Project Coordinator to the staff team! José Ernesto completed his time with us in July so that he could move to London to be closer to his fiancée. We’re immensely grateful to José Ernesto for his hard work in launching the project, and his dedication to the guys on the programme.

José Ernesto’s successor, David Salazar, was appointed at the end of July. David is a man with great leadership qualities, developed over more than a decade spent leading the work of a Christian discipleship training centre here in Bolivia, who we strongly sense is ‘God’s man’ to lead the next phase of the work at Quinta Totaices.

We’re very grateful for David’s genuineness, his leadership experience, soft heart, enthusiasm, and teachability. Speaking about his time with Novō so far, David says this:

“I first knew about Novō when Lincoln [Novō staff member] invited me to share a time of devotion with the residents one Wednesday. I was surprised when, some months later, I received a call from Novō asking if I’d be interested in applying to become the new Project Coordinator. Before getting to know the guys at Novō, I didn’t always have much patience for people on the streets, especially when they hassled me at the traffic lights, trying to wash my car windscreen to earn a few cents. Now I find myself working with some of these very people, and I’m able to show God’s love to them! It’s a great privilege.”

Please pray with us for David, and his wife Roxana, for God’s blessing to be upon their life together and David’s leadership within Novō.

Our longest-standing resident, Ulises, has now completed his programme – a huge milestone for him, and for us!! We look forward to sharing pictures of Ulises’ graduation event which will take place in the next few weeks.

Ulises is still deciding what his next step will look like. We are offering him the chance to remain living in the Quinta community, with more independence, while going off-site to work during the day time. We are hopeful this is what he will decide to do, so he can more easily continue to receive a high level of support during this phase of his recovery.

Please pray with us for Ulises – that he will continue to place God first in his life and make wise, life-giving choices about about the year ahead.

Looking ahead, lots of good things are happening! Here are three highlights:

  • In November, Atarah Jacobs, a Novō UK Trustee and Yeldall Manor’s Training Manager, will be leading a week of intensive staff training for us here in Bolivia.
  • During the same period the Cardinal family from McBride Evangelical Free Church, British Colombia, will be coming to help us install and begin running a small aquaponic fish farm. This will provide skill training for Novō residents, a source of food for project, and (potentially) a future income stream.
  • In January, David Fuertes, who is responsible for the therapeutic side of the programme, will return to Tarija to begin laying the foundations for the work of Novō in that part of Bolivia. This is a strategic and exciting development which we’ll share more about in a future update.

Novō is a charity which is dedicated to pursuing a singular vision – the vision of creating transformational communities in developing nations where hurting and broken people can find healing, wholeness and hope.