Novō News Update – November 2017

A work like Novō doesn’t get off the ground or grow without the input of a huge number of people. We see the Kingdom come as we work together. Lives are transformed as we bring our distinct gifts and diverse resources together and put them into God’s hands.

This truth has been so evident to us in recent days here in Bolivia.

The Cardinal family from McBride, British Colombia, have been investing in seeing lives transformed in a completely different way! Buddy, Devanee, JP, Diquita and Clay travelled to Bolivia as a family to set up a small aquaponic fish farm at Quinta Totaices. This installation will provide skills training for Novō residents, a source of food for the project, and (potentially) a future income stream.
Last week, the team at Quinta Totaices benefitted from a week of training with Atarah Jacobs, one of our UK Trustees. Atarah, who has a decade of experience on the therapeutic team at Yeldall Manor and a Masters Degree in Integrative Psychotherapy, addressed subjects such as teamwork, therapeutic group facilitation, boundaries, and relapse prevention.
One of the most significant moments for Atarah during her time in Bolivia was a visit to the canals where many of Santa Cruz’s street addicts spend their days and nights ‘living’ in small communities of up to 50 people. Our guide on this visit was Lincoln. Lincoln is a key member of the team here who goes out at least once a week, often in his own time, to reach out to these men and women.

After the visit she posted this on Facebook:

On Friday 27th October, we gathered together around a delicious meal prepared by our incredible cooks, Gaby and Kevin, to celebrate the graduation of Ulises! In attendance were the whole staff team, members of Ulises’ family (who have sought to help him over many years), his Pastor, and other friends from his church family. As we celebrated what God has done in Ulises’ life, it was so good to be able to publicly thank and honour the members of the local team here whose love and sacrifice made it possible.
Novō’s mission is to glorify God by offering hope, healing and wholeness to hurting and broken people – to the ‘the least of these’ (Matt 25:40).

It’s such a joy to see the local team here doing just that, day by day, and to celebrate their work. It’s also important to celebrate the role that each of you play, as the extended Novō ‘family’, in making it possible for that offer to be made, and for lives to be transformed.

Thank you for standing with us in this mission as your pray, give and act in Jesus’ name

Novō is a charity which is dedicated to pursuing a singular vision – the vision of creating transformational communities in developing nations where hurting and broken people can find healing, wholeness and hope.