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Last Wednesday evening was a night of celebration at Quinta Totaices! Together with 100+ guests we graduated two men – Jonathan and Ronald – and prayed God’s protection and blessing over them.

The transformation in both men has been nothing short of remarkable.

Both arrived deeply broken but leave to go into full-time paid employment – one with a multinational provider of services to Bolivia’s hydrocarbons industry and the other in a Christian training/conference centre.  Both are moving forward in relationship with God. Both have been reunited with their families.

Jonathan tells his story in the short film below:

Jonathan’s Story

Andy has recently started a blog with the goal of equipping, encouraging, and stimulating the thinking of those who work are engaged in the addiction/recovery field and all those with an interest in faith and addiction.

His post ‘Why Care?’ wrestles with what motivates those who work, volunteer, donate, and open-up heart and home to those trying to escape addiction’s grasp. You can find it here or by clicking the image below.

If you like what you find, do sign-up to follow it and consider sharing it with others who might find it valuable. Each post will go out in English and Spanish.


We look forward to sharing Ronald’s story with you soon. Both he and Jonathan are on a new path which will bring blessing to them, their families – and beyond. We are incredibly proud of them and the team at Quinta Totaices. 

We are also deeply grateful to you. These transformations are the direct result of your prayers, donations and support for Novō. 

Our Spring Forward Appeal is now drawing to a close. The appeal has two bold goals in relation to one-off donations and regular giving and presents urgent needs.

To find out more, please click here or on the image below.

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